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Dentus perfectus - dentures


Denture is mobile replacement for missing teeth and tissue that is connected to those teeth. Denture base is made of acrylate (material like plastic) and teeth on the denture are made of ceramic or in contrast composite material. Because of shape and color, denture resembles natural teeth and tissue.

Firstly, full dentures replace all teeth, while partial dentures fill space of missing teeth and also prevent other teeth from moving from their position. Therefore, full dentures can be immediate or on the other hand permanent. In short, immediate denture is complete denture or partial denture that is placed same day when natural teeth are removed. In contrast, permanent denture can be placed 8 to 12 weeks after teeth removal, when tissue is healed. However, period can be longer due to health issues.

Who needs denture?

Above all partial denture is ideal for people who still have their natural teeth. However patients can lose some or all teeth at any age and then need denture of some kind. Because teeth are integral part of our body and loosing is in addition followed by negative emotional effect. Finally, talk to your dentist about fear, anxiety and other emotions that follow losing teeth.

Dentus perfectus - complete dentures

What happens after getting a denture?

Dentist can make complete permanent denture when all teeth are lost and all wounds are healed.

At the beginning, whole process of getting and installing denture lasts about 2 weeks (or longer), and it takes 5 visits to clinique.

Firstly, we make initial diagnosis, take imprint and determine bite because of vertical proportions and proper jaw position measurements.

In addition, teeth placement fitting serves to choose right color, shape and denture form.

Lastly, we install finished denture, do the last touches and new denture fits your smile perfectly!

In addition, all patients with new dentures certainly need time to adapt with the new teeth, because even the perfectly fitted one will make unusual and uncomfortable feeling at the moment.

Some patients can experience discomfort with diet in first few days.

Therefore, to make it easy while getting used to the chewing with new denture, it is best to start with soft food because it is easy to chew.

Also, patients with denture can often notice change in face aesthetic, increased saliva flow or also minor discomfort, all of this problems might be noticeable in first few days after denture is installed.

Best care steps for dentures
For patients that have denture for first time we recommend to use adhesives. Because it will improve retention and stability with patients that have minimal jaw bone volume. Stability of denture will above all create confidence and sense of comfort to patient. Second option due to minimal denture retention is to install 2 to 4 dental implants. Because dental implants and dental bridge improve retention, stability and strength of placed denture. Most importantly, take your denture off and brush it on daily bases with denture cleaners and tooth brush. In addition, tooth brush must be soft or moreover specially designed for dentures. Most importantly avoid boiling water as sterilization because it may lead to reshaping denture. If you wear partial denture take it off before brushing your natural teeth. Finally, when you don’t wear it, keep it in distilled water.

Wearing denture at night

In conclusion, it is best to take denture off and keep it in distilled water at night. Even though you maybe got advice to wear denture all the time for the first period of time.

Research has shown that removing denture for eight hours or more during the day or night allows gums to rest and normalizes stimulation and cleaning tongue and saliva.

Finally, long-term it promotes gums health.

Keep going on regularly dental checkups
Above all it is important to continue with dental checkups. Your dentist needs to follow changes on your oral cavity and your gums, also jaw bone under the denture might shrink or pull back. In other words to remain proper denture shape over the time, it will probably need adjustments or redesign. Don’t try to adjust denture by yourself, most importantly don’t use denture adhesive for long period of time due to possible jaw bone lose. In addition when you are not feeling comfortable or in doubt consult your dentist.

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