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What are dental implants?

Dental implants are replacements for the entire tooth, while they give you natural feel and look, even though they replace tooth from root to crown. Also this modern technology provides you with the full function new tooth or more of them, above all they are made of durable materials with modern technology and give you as a result insurance for years. As a result you will be able to smile, eat, talk and kiss with even more confidence again, finally without discomfort or lacking of feel.

Likewise there are few types of dental implants that you can choose due to your dental situation: dental crown for one tooth in contrast to dental bridge for multiple teeth, for all teeth you can get all on 4 techniques – jaw placing technique on 4 implants. Everyone that is lacking teeth, one or more certainly is candidate for dental implants.

Dental implants are screws that are made of durable titanium material that as a result lasts for lifetime. This titanium screws are attached to the jawbone where tooth is missing. Roots of the lost teeth are above all strong foundation for implants. Finally, dental implants types can be fixed or mobile. Because of the material and due to design of the implants they will certainly insure you for long.

Dental implant is titanium screw similarly in shape of tooth root. Length and diameter of the implant can vary, due to shape can be cylindrical or conical. Design of implant depends rather on volume of the jaw bone where the implant will be positioned as a result.

Candidates for dental implant placement

Every patient because of lack one or more natural teeth is therefore a candidate for dental implant placement. Place of dental implant, implantation process is determined by clinical evaluation and also x-ray analysis. As a result dentist will know based on your jaw bone characteristics how to design and place implant, finally everyone is good candidate for dental implants, while they vary in shape and size. Anatomical and morphological jaw characteristics will as a result determine implant dimensions.

Furthermore general health of the organism, above all your physical and mental health will probably affect the durability of the implant, therefore you make your own insurance of the dental implants. Implantation prevents deterioration of the jaw bone and it’s resorption, as a result natural teeth around implant will  also get extra stability. Previous tooth loss can result in bone loss, above all implantation is best process to preserve also natural teeth and jaw bone sooner after natural tooth loss. Finally, dental implants make your natural teeth consequently stronger and also implants durable.

When the bone under the gingiva is not voluminous enough, we due to that need to perform augmentation procedure to get extra jaw bone space as a result for successful dental implant placement.

Bone augmentation is a process of implementation bone graft or artificial bone into jaw bone to get as a result extra volume. After implementation of bone material, above all jaw needs months to heal properly as a result. Strong, voluminous and healthy jaw bone therefore, will insure stability for your dental implants. Because of the osseointegration your implant and jaw bone become above all strong and one entirety. Therefore dental implant ensures stability for dental crown or bridge that will come on the implant. As a result of the process is natural feel in your mouth.

Dentus perfectus - dental implant

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Where are dental implants installed?

Dental implants are implanted in jaw bone below the gums level, because dental implants replace the natural root that is missing. Finally they are internal, supporting part of the structure. Therefore dental implant is support for the structure dental crown or bridge. Consequently dental implant is long-term structural part of new teeth what finally insures them to stay strong.

Dental implant planning procedure

Firstly, placement is based on clinical examination and 2D jaw x-ray that can be classic RVG or rather orthopan. Also, additional 3D CBCT provides as a result most accurate data on volume in jaw bone and also anatomical structures (blood vessels, nerves and distances from the maxillary sinus) and bone density. As a result based on the given data dental implants are designed and bone preparation is determined. 3D CBCT is also used to plan augmentation of the jaw if needed and also lifting the base of the maxillary sinus.

Finally, all those analysis are needed to make the best approach to implantation also make your implants durable and finally your remaining natural teeth strong.

Dentus perfectus - implant placement
Dentus perfectus - implant placement

Process of installation of dental implants

First of all dental implantation is small surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia. Bearing of implant is prepared with standard drills that are in size of the dental implant. If the primary stability exists it is possible to make a temporary dental crown. Process of dental implantation requires probably few weeks minimum to heal.

Osseointegration is the process of direct adhesion of bone to the surface of a dental implant, time of adhesion depends above all on quality of surrounding bone. This part of dental implantation process is recovery period, probably lasts from 3 to 6 months. After this, finally  abutment is placed on dental implant and then it is ready for prosthetic phase, adding crown, bridge or 4 to 6 implants for full teeth restoration (all on 4, all on 6)

Durability of dental implants

Finally, dental implants are made of high quality, biocompatible material therefore as a result insures you for lifetime.

Furthermore, durability of dental implants also depends on patients overall health and also condition of jaw bone and gums. Above all oral hygiene and also regular dentist check-ups are one of preconditions for even more durability of dental implants. Also, dental implants are good for all candidates that needs one or maybe more tooth replacements. Most noteworthy, dental implants fill the place of missing tooth, therefore it is good option for candidates with more than one tooth missing because there is above all, while no need to touch natural healthy teeth while finally installing them in jawbone.

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First of all, growing numbers are emerging on the market right now. Cost of dental implants depends because a numerous factors that need to be considered while making choice.

Dentus Perfectus dental practice uses two kinds of dental implants: Nobel Biocare and Neodent by Straumann. This two manufacturers are carefully picked due to quality of work, tradition and guarantee on dental implants. Furthermore, be careful because cheapest dental implants are not necessarily the best choice, because of all the complications that might occur while installing non-certified dental implants. Above all they can ultimately lead to high expense that does not follow quality of material.

Finally, price of 1 Nobel Biocare implant is 680€ and in contrast to them is Neodent implant that is 580€, prices are applied to the implant without superstructure and crown.

What after installing?

Right after the procedure, analgesics should be taken. Also, that day you should avoid rinsing the mouth because avoiding bleeding. Therefore oral hygiene can be performed normally. Due to procedure minimal bleeding is normal in next few hours. Consequently, swelling is normal and is not risk factor, therefore cool the area with ice packed in plastic bag or with cold pads for 20 minutes with 10 minutes breaks while the area is swollen. Therefore sparkling drinks and soda, hot beverages should be avoided for next 24 hours. Also if you are smoker you should avoid it due to procedure for next 24 hours and while bleeding occurs. Finally, stitches are removed seven days after the procedure.

How to maintain oral hygiene after installation of dental implants?

Finally, after implant placement, you should keep your hygiene habits as usual. Brush your teeth thoroughly but carefully because of wounds and possibility of infection. Due to procedure, use mouthwash and very soft tooth brush for extra dental care.

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