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Dental crowns – aesthetics without compromise

What are dental crowns (tooth cap)?

For start, dental crowns are prosthetic substitutes that we attach to the natural teeth or dental implant. In order to install dental crown we need to grind natural tooth into reduced shape. Due to thickness of dental crown material, natural teeth also must not increase total tooth size. On the other hand, if we are installing crown to the endodontic treated tooth (tooth without root) we  need to install add-on to the root to strengthen remain tooth structure. We do this because of proper transfer of the chew power.

In contrast, installing dental crown on the implant requires suprastructure – abutment. In other words, build-up that is screwed in implant and allows fixation of dental crown.

To conclude, purpose of dental crown is to restore teeth function and to improve its aesthetics.

When to choose dental crown?

Dental crowns (caps) are solution for:

  • cracked natural tooth
  • tooth that is too damaged to get filled
  • natural tooth that is weakened by caries
  • teeth that need aesthetical change is shape and color
  • healed teeth that are weakened due to root treatment and require build-up and dental crown
  • installed dental implant

Non-metal ceramic dental crown

Non-metal dental crowns (caps) are above all standard if you are looking for aesthetics and function in contrast to the metal ceramic dental crowns. Firstly they are less represented due to used material in them. Metal achieves lower quality in aesthetics and because of its properties is more complicated in making. Unlike metal ceramic crowns that has metal base, non-metal ceramic crowns however contribute to the aesthetic of the smile. Due to their volume they make beautiful coloring and optical effects that consequently make them look natural. Basically layers of ceramic allow light to go through and make refraction of light that reproduces natural teeth structure.

Non-metal complete ceramic dental crown

Firstly, in our Dentus perfectus dental office we use e.max ceramics by Ivoclar Vivadent company and also lithium dislikate from GC Initial company to make non-metal ceramic dental crowns. Due to aesthetic and physical properties of ceramic we can make dental crowns that are most importantly high aesthetical and natural looking. Therefore non-metal ceramic crowns are made in CEREC CAD CAM technology. In addition dental technician sometimes needs to do additional individualization. To conclude we use non-metal ceramic to make dental crowns for all teeth.

However, on the front teeth we use only Empress Multi because it is best material due to its aesthetics. In addition to that, if patient has dark teeth or teeth without nerves we make great results. After root heals and we make extensions, then we add-on full ceramic crowns that restore aesthetic and function fully. That is possible because of ceramic properties. Above all we get full aesthetic impression due to interaction of grinded teeth, cement and color of chosen dental crown. Afterwards to installing of dental implant it is possible to make build-on on the implant. Aesthetic is not questionable with ceramic material.

Non-metal ceramic dental crowns are one of the most popular choices in our Dentus Perfectus clinique.

Price of one non-metal ceramic dental crown is 292-360€.

Dentus perfectus - dental crowns - stages of construction

Dental crown production

Firstly, there are two ways to make dental crown. Classic way involves taking a print with rubber material and plaster model that is used to make dental crown. Further, manufacturing takes 4 to 6 days. Second way of making is with CEREC CAD CAM that is on the other hand high tech way of making dental replacements, so dental crowns too. In other words, we take digital bone jaw print and then plan size and shape of dental crown with the computerized programs and make it with machine from the ceramic block. However advantages of this method are precision, speed and predictability of the results. Furthermore, precision of compatibility of crown placing is under 15 microns. Finally, dental crown can be made in one dental appointment under the 4 hours. Digitalization allows visualization of finished dental crown and its shape and size.

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Zirconia ceramic dental crown

In addition to non-metal lithium disilicate ceramics, non-metal ceramic tooth crowns can also be made of zirconia. Both of mentioned materials are premium quality material. Firstly, zircon ceramic material due to its structure blocks passage of sunlight. Due to it this kind of material is used when crown goes on darker natural teeth. Because of great firmness and resistance to bending, this type of dental crowns is used in special cases. For example, bruxism and similar uncontrolled movements that are followed with strong chewing force.

Finally, zirconia ceramic crowns that are placed on implants are top quality teeth replacements.

One zircon ceramic crown price is 360€, while one ceramic crown on the implant price is 385€.

Dentus perfectus - zircon ceramics
Dentus perfectus - dental crowns on implants

Dental crowns on implants

If we have in the beginning primary stability of the implant, we can at the same time make temporary dental crown. Most importantly, if implant is installed in aesthetic zone, temporary crown is best possible solution. Temporary dental crown is most quality solution for aesthetic and phonetic problems. As a result temporary dental crown lasts 6 months and then permanent dental crown is installed on implants. During the temporary phase, temporary dental crown is made with CEREC CAD CAM digital technology with Telio CAD composite material. Secondly, with digital scanning we construct dental crown due to implant position in the jaw bone. Dental crown is fixed with the titanium base screw, because of this type of joining it is simple to take temporary dental crown out after 6 months.

In contrast to that, permanent dental crown can be made in two ways. In other words, classic procedure and modern one that uses CEREC CAD CAM technology. Furthermore, we use e.max or zirconia ceramics that depends due to position of the implant and because of the size and chew forces. In addition, we can attach it with screws or cement. While attaching with the cement, we need to make separate suprastructure (abutment) while dental crown attached with screw is in one part.

Finally, estimated durability of the dental crown is 7 to 15 years. Durability and insurance of it is health state of gums and jaw bone volume and structure.

Metal ceramic dental crown

Metal ceramic dental crowns are for example type of prosthetic where ceramic is attached to the metal base. In addition metal base ensures strength and stability of the construction. Secondly, ceramic material mimics natural color and shape of teeth. Therefore, to eliminate metal color on teeth, deepest layer of ceramic is completely opaque and does not allow light to pass through. Even though metal ceramic can achieve acceptable aesthetics, especially on back teeth, opaque layer of ceramics lowers 3D color structure of teeth.

Price for one metal ceramic crown is 226€, and for metal ceramic dental implant crown is 292€.

Dentus perfectus - metal-ceramic crowns

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