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Dentus perfectus - dental bridge on natural teeth

Dental bridge on natural teeth

Firstly, dental bridge on natural teeth is variation of dental bridge due to support they provide. Because of the fact that chewing power that is transmitted over dental construction of the bridge on the carries and jaw bones, due to that it is very important to have enough teeth girders that are positioned properly.

During the process of teeth grinding, as a result tooth is reshaped into cylindrical conical shape, which is paralleled to the other girders due to proper positioning of the bridge construction. However, if the intentioned carrier tooth is not usable due to damage or for instance has big filling, we need to compensate that teeth part with another fiber strengthened composite. Further when tooth root needs endodontic treatment we add composite build on (pin). Therefore proper distribution of chewing power is enabled trough complete root length.

Dentus perfectus - dental bridge on natural teeth

Teeth grinding and imprint
Teeth grinding is done under local anesthesia. For instance grinding of one tooth takes around 10 minutes. Secondly, we use jaw imprint to obtain model so we can make dental bridge construction. In addition to that we can use classic and digital process so we can take dental jaw imprint. For example, we make classic prints with rubber silicone materials that are positioned in print spoon. In contrast to that is digital print, which we take with 3D camera (CEREC Omnicam) so it is in other words more comfortable to patient.

Production and fitting of dental bridge construction
Dental bridge construction can be made of zircon, e.max metal free ceramics or metal on the other hand. After dental bridge fitting, above all we decide on shape and color of teeth with patient, also in addition individual characterization of finished bridge. Moreover, we use Smile Design because it helps us to achieve highest aesthetic.

Attaching of dental bridge
In conclusion test of finished dental bridge it will be above all fixed with temporary cement. Therefore, patient has a tryout period of a few days, weeks. In other words to try new teeth in everyday life. Finally, as a result ultimate impression of dental bridge in its aesthetics and functionality is in patients daily routine. Most importantly, if patient needs corrections we can do them. In the end, when complete adaptation is finished, patient will feel dental bridge like his own teeth. Last step is to change permanent cement to permanent one, and with that process of making the bridge on natural teeth is complete.

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