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Implants – Implantology techniques

Dental implantology and dental implants are the best dental solution in case of a lacking tooth. Especially if you are looking for natural look that feels good as well. Moreover, an implant is durable solution. It`s the most durable type of tooth replacement.

Discover the dental implants benefits

Lacking teeth can cause you discomfort, not only while you eat or talk, but as a result it can probably change your physical appearance and also affect your mental health. Lacking a tooth or more can also change your face structure. As a result you start avoiding meeting new people and public appearances. Your personality and appearance is also changing because of a lacking teeth. A lacking teeth problem can easily be solved with dental implants since they are durable solution. In Dentus perfectus dental office the dentist will recommend an x-ray during the dental consultation. We have a special Welcome package for every new patient. It includes an x-ray and clinical exam.

Find out if you are a candidate

Not every patient is a candidate for this solution. It is important that patient has enough dental bone – width and density. When lacking a teeth for a longer time, patients suffer from the bone loss. Bone tends to withdraw and then there is often not enough room for a dental implant. There are also procedures for dental bone graft that can add volume that has been lost over the years. Moreover, our dental experts are checking your blood tests. If medical results are good, we can make a detailed treatment plan.

Gain back your confidence and a beautiful smile

The process itself is painless, but to sum it all up, it will also give you the natural looking smile again. With dental implant placement you will gain confidence and a beautiful smile. The lacking tooth is now replaced from the root to the crown.  It can change you for the better since it can improve your mental and physical health. Modern dental implant technology ensures you natural feel and natural look of a dental implant.

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