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Prosthetics are revolutionary invention in dentistry! Are you ready for dental crown or dental bridge to regain your beautiful and healthy smile? We sure are! In other words, our mission at Dentus perfectus dental office is to ensure that you love fall in love with your smile and that you, therefore, smile carelessly the minute you step out of our dental office! However if you are lacking a single or more than just one tooth, dental crown or dental bridge is a solution that will certainly change your life for the better!

Prosthetics – your answer for the missing teeth!

Modern dental technology ensures us prosthetics to fit your jaw and bite perfectly. Dentus perfectus dental office is a place where patients feel welcomed and they enjoy getting the dental care for their smile. High quality materials, together with our experience and techniques will ensure the prosthetics that will fit you perfectly by the color, size and shape of your own natural teeth. It will look like your natural teeth and give you that natural feeling. Modern high quality materials we use will give you natural feel while talking and smiling and, most of all, while eating.

Why to choose prosthetics?

You will be able to eat, smile and talk freely again because of dental bridge that will perfectly fit in with your natural teeth. With this modern solution you will regain your self confidence and lift up your face posture. We promise you will never hide your smile again. In addition, prosthetics like dental bridge prevents displacement of natural teeth and dental interventions due to it. Dental bridges usually last from 5 to 15 years if they are taken care of. With good and detailed oral hygiene and regular dental exams the durability will be maximized. It takes from 5 to 10 working days to be finalized. It is highly important to take a detailed aftercare of the dental bridge prosthetics in order to preserve a healthy gums.

Time to regain your smile in 4 simple steps!

  • Dental exam and therapy plan

  • Digital jaw scan with intraoral scanner for extra comfort

  • Detailed rehearsal of prosthetics

  • Permanent placement of prosthetics

Why choose Dentus perfectus dental office?

  • Find all dental services in one place

  • Let our team of dental experts guide you to a new smile

  • We offer a welcome package for new patients

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