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Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening will give your teeth a chance to restore their natural glow and whiteness!

Who hasn’t wished for a Hollywood white smile? We all sometimes dream how we will for instance glow with a wide smile full of confident at some point. Even though the whitest and most beautiful smile does not last forever especially if you are coffee and wine lover or you smoke cigarettes, because they are worst enemies to white teeth.

This is process that in addition lasts only 1 hour (2 cycles) with the previous reservation and consultations.

How long effect lasts after procedure?

Firstly this procedure is not permanent, and so duration can vary. Due to that it depends on your eating and also hygiene habits. Therefore with the patients that consumes beverages and food that cause stains on teeth effect will last much shorter than to those patients that avoid that kind of drinks and food.

Previously, teeth whitening were inaccessible and unreachable, in other words expensive, but it is not anymore. In our Dentus Perfectus clinique we offer you fast, effective, above all non-invasive and also affordable solution that will bring back whiteness and shine to your teeth!

Will it result with damage teeth replacements like implants, crowns, fillings and more?

No, we however use preparations with 10% carbamide peroxide that does not damage teeth replacements. Moreover, preparations does not affect on the replacements. Above all it is important to pay attention to keep teeth whitening at the level that is similar to replacements colors so you don’t have drastic changes in coloring.

Does it subsequently damages tooth nerve?

There is no any evidenced case during usage of this procedure that patients tooth nerve got damaged. Some studies monitored condition of teeth nerves from patients that are using teeth whitening trough period longer than 7 years and none of them had damage on the tooth nerve.

Sensitivity can occur after treatment due to warm or cold drinks in a period of 48 hours after procedure. Moreover if you have caries, receding fillings, cervical lesion or genetic disorder of tooth enamel development you might also have some adverse effect. Because of that, it is very important to have dental check-up and consultations before procedure to see if you can get your teeth whitened.

Will it destroy tooth enamel?

Firstly, scientific studies have shown that most of preparations have 10% carambide peroxide that in addition does not affect hardness or mineral composition of the tooth enamel. Moreover we use high quality preparations that are also certified.

Is teeth whitening harmful in general?

Further, in last 10 years studies has shown that is not more harmful than teeth sanding or polishing. In addition testing of preparations on market has also shown that there are no negative effects of this process on health of the patient. Therefore there are no side effects on teeth or gums, jaw bone. These studies are above all connected to the professional teeth whitening in the dental clinique.

Meanwhile in our Dentus Perfectus clinique to clarify we use Beyond technology for this procedure. With using Beyond lights we get maximal effect that allows us to use less whitening preparations due to increase in the kinetic energy of particles that are initiated by light that is on the correct wavelength.

Dentus Perfectus clinique price of teeth whitening – 4 treatments for 20 minutes is 266€.

Dentus Perfectus clinique price of teeth whitening – 2 treatments for 20 minutes is 200€.

Before teeth whitening we firstly need to do clean teeth calculus, sand and polish your teeth to remove and above all plaque and bio film.

Dentus Perfectus clinique price of cleaning calculus, sanding and polishing is 55€.

Dentus perfectus - teeth whitening

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Dentus perfectus - teeth whitening before and after

How teeth whitening procedure looks like:

  1. Before teeth whitening we need to clean teeth calculus, sand and polish your teeth.
  2. After preparations we put cheek and gum retractors and also protective gel.
  3. Then we put whitening preparation. Depending on desired effect and due to your natural teeth color we use number of treatments, as a result from 2 to 4. Every cycle lasts 20 minutes and it is completely painless.
  4. In the end, after whitening treatment of the teeth, we protect them with the CPP-ACPF coating that leads to the greater hardness than before.

What not to do!

Firstly and above all homemade preparations for teeth whitening that include lemon, baking soda and other products are a big no! They will as a result lead to short term effect and might lead to above all irreversible consequences on your teeth enamel. We don’t recommend you to do DIY teeth whitening procedures.

Lastly teeth whitening must be done with above all certified products under the supervision and with performance of the dentist. That is the only way to get safe, healthy and also sparkly smile!

Teeth whitening is not harmful when it is done under supervision with the certified preparations. Only side effect that can occur in 48 hours after treatment is sensitivity to warm or cold drinks and that will disappear.

In conclusion, teeth whitening must be done by dentist with the professional methods under supervision and then you will get maximal and safe effects and keep your teeth and gums safe.zube i okolna tkiva.

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