dental bridge Dentus Perfectus

Dental bridge

What is dental bridge?

Dental bridge is prosthetic replacement construction that connects girders and due to that replaces missing teeth. Therefore it can be carried by natural teeth and also dental implants. In addition bridge can replace one or more teeth. Finally, dental bridge goal is to regain aesthetics and function of the lost teeth.

Benefits of dental bridge

Previously it was limited by number and placing of remaining teeth, because that we were not being able due to that to choose this as solution. However with dental implants we can achieve conditions for bridge placing. Because of that we can place it on two or more implants. Therefore it can be fixed by cementing and with screws. But big advantage of using screws is that gums stay healthy, in contrast with cementing gums can get inflamed. With screw fixation it is simple to for instance detach dental bridge if needed. Finally, most known dental implant bridge fixation is All on 4 technique.

Likewise, carriers for it can be natural teeth in combination with dental implants. When we use this technique we need to follow specific guidelines, like statics and bridge construction. Therefore, when we install one or two dental implants, we avoid dentures due to preserving natural teeth.

Above all main advantage is construction that is fixed with carriers what ensures proper transfer of chew power to the jaw bone so due to that patient gets natural feeling.

dental bridge Dentus Perfectus
dental bridge Dentus Perfectus


Above all process of production has few stages. Due to technology, type and used material we have more or less stages. Firstly, classic process of making a permanent one include taking jaw print with rubber material, fitting of construction and fitting of the finished product. Besides these 3 main phases there is usually additional fitting of ceramics that defines shape and size of teeth and also color picking and bite test. Secondly, modern process includes 3D camera that makes digital data and sends them to dental technician.

Durability of dental bridge

It usually lasts for instance from 5 to 15 years. Therefore, if you pay attention to oral hygiene and go to regular dentist check-ups it is not unusual to last above 10 years with no problem. After that period it must be changed if there are changes on gums and jaw bone due to aging.

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Materials for production

Technically, it is made of firstly bridge construction and secondly aesthetic material. Due to that, construction ensures mechanical resistance and proper transfer of chew power to carriers and jaw bone. Dental construction is invisible part of the dental bridge. As for aesthetic material for construction covering we use ceramic. Ceramic is layered in different colors and tones due to natural results at the end. Also because of that patient gets natural feeling wearing ceramic dental bridge. In addition ceramic is bio compatible material so it is antiallergenic. Construction of permanent bridge is made of metal, zircon ceramic or e.max ceramic, in contrast to temporary one that is made of composite material.

Zircon ceramic is above all top quality material for production. This material above all mimics natural colors of teeth due to reflection of light in way natural teeth does that. In this case ceramics is based attaches to zirconium oxide substrate. In Dentus Perfectus clinique we make them based on modern CAD CAM technology that allows us to make dental bridge from first appointment to smile in 3 days.

E max non-metal ceramics contributes with its volume to the color and optical effects of the teeth to make them look natural. This material is not characterized with great strength so it is limited to dental bridges that has maximal 3 teeth where chew forces are not high.

Metal ceramic has metal base that is connected with the ceramic that covers metal color and mimic natural color. Due to metal, bridges of this material are firm and stable, due to metal in them we use them in teeth that are placed in back. Metal ceramic dental bridge is most economical in contract to others.

Dentus perfectus - zircon ceramics
dental bridge Dentus Perfectus

Temporary dental bridge

Due to making of permanent one, carriers and soft tissue must be prepared, therefore if it is not possible we make temporary dental bridge. Main goal of temporary one is to achieve aesthetics, proper pronunciation and chewing function.

Reasons for making temporary bridge: healing after teeth removal, inflammatory conditions of gums, endodontic root treatment of carrier tooth, and protection of grinded carrier teeth.

In our Dentus Perfectus clinique we make short term temporary dental bridge (that patient wear for up to few weeks) from Bis-acrylic composite. We make long term temporary dental bridge from TelioCAD composite blocks using CEREC CAD CAM technology, and that is done in one appointment. Estimated duration of those dental bridges is from 3 months to a year. Physical properties of used material allow you to chew without limits. Base color is individualized with GC Optiglaze color.


Due to specific shape of it cleaning is for instance a little bit different. With the natural teeth we can clean space between them with dental floss or interdental brushes. In contrast to them, on dental bridge we cannot clean space between carries and teeth in-between because they are all connected.

Secondly, in contrast to the natural positioning, teeth in the bridge lay on gums and technically it must be done in way that doesn’t allow to food stuck in. Besides tooth brush and paste, above all most effective tool for dental care is oral shower.

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