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“Dental office Dentus perfectus has provided you with the champions of saving your teeth! We are open to all your questions, we will patiently allay all your fears and make you feel comfortable. Our only goal is to keep you satisfied and your teeth healthy, functional and beautiful.”

Vedran Šebečić
dr. med. dent.

Dentus perfectus - Vedran Šebečić - dental practice

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We are waiting for you and assure you that you will leave our dental office with smile. Consultations are big part of every treatment and we pay great attention to your needs. We make time during every appointment to talk to you and answer all of your questions, wishes, fears…


Offer value is (68€) for new patients price is (34€)!

  • Detailed dental examination with consultation and therapy plan
  • Digital orthopantomogram for all teeth or 4x intraoral RVG
  • In our package we include comfortable and smiling dental experience!
preventive examination

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Price list

These are prices for the most common services

  • First appointment
    (see offer for new patients)
  • Digital image
    individual tooth (RVG)
  • Digital orthopantomogram
    image of all teeth (see offer for new patients)
  • Professional ultrasound calculus cleaning
    with sandblasting and teeth polishing
  • Tooth repair white
    high aesthetic composite filler
  • Tooth root treatment
    per canal (1-4 canals)
  • Revision of tooth root treatment
    this procedure is done after previously unsuccessful treatment
  • Ceramic crown
    per tooth
  • Tooth veneers
    per tooth
  • Tooth extraction
  • Installation of dental implant
    Neodent Aqua by Straumann
  • Installation of dental implant
    Nobel Biocare
  • Suprastructure on implant
  • Sinus lift
  • Teeth whitening
    (2-4 cycles)

Currency 1€=7.5345kn. VAT is not calculated according to act 39 VAT law.
Rate payments are available through Zaba cards (2-36 rates).

Special offer for our patients

Dentus perfectus - Lastovska 12a - dental practice

Our dental office location

Dentus perfectus dental office is located in Zagreb, Savica neighborhood, only 10 minutes car driving distance from the Zagreb city center. And if you are using public city transport, there are many accessible transportation possibilities. For instance: tram lines 6,7,8 as well as the bus line 218.

Taxi platforms Radio Taxi Zagreb, Cammeo and others.

Dentus perfectus dental office is modern and above all, comfortable place that provides you not only calm environment but also full high quality treatment that fits all your needs. We offer you healthy, aesthetic and in short, modern technology care. Your healthy teeth are our first goal but your beautiful smile is just as important. Dentus perfectus dental office will  secure your smile with high-quality and comfortable dental treatment. Meanwhile, you will feel like having a relaxing SPA day experience. Finally, we use consultations to individualize every dental appointment to patient`s needs.

Therefore, if there is problem that you are not sure how to solve – we will detect it. Let us find the best solution for you and your smile. We will make sure that it fits all your needs and wants. For solving any problem we use modern, safe and high-quality materials and technology from renowned manufacturers.

It is often said that when you love what you do, it ceases to be your job and since you dedicate your life to it it becomes your life.

In Dentus perfectus dental office we truly enjoy and feel inspired by pursuing this, in our opinion, the most beautiful profession in the world! By having a healthy and beautiful smile we are constantly helping you to open new successful and happy chapters of your life. We love to spread optimism and satisfaction in our small community of happy smiles. As a result, we are making the world around us a more beautiful and fulfilled place!

Why are patients leaving our dental office with smile on their face?

Not only we are providing you with the exceptional dental care in our dental office, but also a top quality, detail-oriented and fast dental service. It is very important for us to build an accessible and friendly relationship with each one of our patients. Our mission is to make you feel comfortable, safe and satisfied every time you visit our dental office. In this way we can easily discuss the problem that is bothering you, in order to find the best solution for your smile and to put a smile back on your face.

Show us your trust and become part of our small family in which you are not just a patient to whom we close the door after the procedure is done. Let us become your faithful companion on the journey towards a healthy and beautiful smile!

Dental treatment without fear or discomfort

Considering all the negative experiences some patients have previously had, we understand that it had led them to having fears related to dental treatment. Bearing that in mind, in Dentus perfectus dental office we patiently and thoroughly go through the entire procedure with each patient before we can even start.

After that we dedicate ourselves to the elimination of your problems by using our knowledge and modern technology in order to ensure the health, safety and beauty of your teeth and smile without any pain or discomfort.

We are here to help you deal with any painful conditions and discomforts in order to avoid all potentially serious health problems – and ultimately, to live happier and healthier lives. Because bringing smile on your face means a big smile, satisfaction and fulfillment for our team of dedicated dentists!

What our patients say about us

Alyona Alekseenko
Alyona Alekseenko
1. Prosinac, 2022.
Dentistry that makes a very pleasant impression 👌 Nice employees, work quickly, painlessly, very well. If I have a need, I will turn to them.
Karlo Tomljenović
Karlo Tomljenović
30. Studeni, 2022.
Odlična, brza i profesionalna usluga. Sve pohvale za obavljene usluge.
Robert Krpan
Robert Krpan
20. Listopad, 2022.
Svaka preporuka 👌
Elina Liho
Elina Liho
15. Listopad, 2022.
I am very satisfied and recommend Dentus Perfectus dentistry to everyone. I had wisdom tooth extraction procedure. I was worried about having a tooth extraction in another country. Doctor Vedran is a great professional. He is attentive to the patient, he removed the tooth without pain and gave high-quality advice on care after the operation. The atmosphere in the clinic is very friendly and inviting.
Matej Perković
Matej Perković
13. Listopad, 2022.
Za svaku pohvalu 🙂
Vlatka Šoštarić
Vlatka Šoštarić
23. Rujan, 2022.
Toplo preporučujem stomatolosku ordinaciju Dentus Perfectus svima koji su u nedoumici kome se obratiti za bilo kakve probleme sa zubima. U svakom segmentu, od pocetne komunikacije mailom, dogovora termina, doceka pacijenta te samog pregleda i izvrsenja usluge pokazali su se velikim profesionalcima ali i pokazali empatiju, smirenost i strpljenje sto u mnostvu slucajeva zaobiđe samog pacijenta. Vec sam dolazak u prekrasnu ordinaciju te docek ljubazne i profesionalne dentalne asistentice Ane Marije uvjeri vas da ste dosli na pravo mjesto. dr. Vedran uz ohrabrujuci ton, brzo i bezbolno rjesava sve probleme koje imate i ne preostaje vam nista drugo nego nasmijani izaci iz ordinacije. Drago mi je da sam nasla svog zubara i rijesila se svih strahova. Hvala!
Mark B
Mark B
23. Rujan, 2022.
Jako ljubazni, profesionalni i pristupačni. Sve preporuke :)

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