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Combined work

At the beginning, combined work represents dental solution that includes fixed and also mobile part. Firstly, fixed part represents finishing touches of the existing natural teeth that have healthy roots. Usually, this means installing dental crown or dental bridge on the existing root. After that, it is cemented and because of that called fixed or permanent part. In contrast, second part is mobile and that is full prosthetic solution that is movable. Because of that this part attaches to the fixed part and it is placed on parts where patient doesn’t have natural teeth. To clarify, this process is for denture.

To sum up, combined work includes dental crown or bridge as fixed part on which we attach mobile denture.

Combined work as ideal solution
In conclusion, if you have few natural teeth but they don’t allow you to install dental bridge or dental implant placement is not possible choose combined work as ideal solution.

Combined work 2 - Dentus perfectus


This is best dental solution for cases like that because it compensates teeth functionally but also aesthetically. Besides that, this kind of tooth replacement protects other teeth. Due to dental bridge chewing pressure is distributed evenly. Because of the connection between fixed and mobile part patient is confident and comfortable while wearing it, most importantly aesthetically part is fully covered.


  • At the beginning, remaining natural teeth must be grinded and dental crowns (separated) will be based on them or connected in dental bridge so placed as fixed part.
  • After that on the edges of fixed part of combined dental work we install joint connections because that hold denture.
  • Finally, due to joint connectors denture and fixed part are consequently attached in complete functional and aesthetical unit.

In conclusion, big advantage of a denture is in firmness and immobility as a result that it provides to patient while chewing. Besides that, when speaking and laughing there is no visible joints to be seen. Also, denture is easy removable what contributes to better oral hygiene. Lastly, regularly cleaning and dental appointment check-up are must.

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