Dentus perfectus - the benefits of a dental bridge

Ceramic dental bridge

Ceramic dental bridge – what is it?

Ceramic bridge is quality solution of replacing one or even more lost tooth. Above all that is top notch prosthetic solution that results in full chew function and aesthetics of lost teeth, due to modern technology and quality materials (zircon ceramics, e.max).

We can solve next problems:

  • you have lost one or more tooth
  • treatment of tooth failed
  • teeth root is cracked

It consists minimally 3 dental crowns that are in addition interconnected in unit. Above all dental crowns that are on edges are carriers and we fixate them to the natural grinded teeth or also on dental implants if we are doing dental implant bridge. In case when one tooth is missing, teeth next to that are carriers regardless if they are natural teeth or dental implants. we will install ceramic dental bridge on that. Finally, if ceramic dental bridge is installed on your natural teeth they must be strong and healthy.

Production process of ceramic dental bridge

Check-up and consultation
Firstly, process of dental bridge install begins with detailed check-up and also consultations with our dentists. Due to your condition we determine best solution for your problem. If teeth next to the problematic one are healthy and above all strong we can install ceramic dental bridge on natural teeth, if they are in contrast in bad condition we need to do installation on the dental implants.

Preparation and production of temporary dental bridge
Firstly, we need to prepare teeth and grind the carrier ones. After that depending on carrier tooth condition, also sometimes we need to do endodontic treatment and install extension. However if treatment to heal the teeth is not enough we will install dental implant. In addition, after tooth extraction, dental implant installation or other preparation process we make temporary dental bridge. Because of that, we have aesthetic and function trough therapy time. Finally, temporary dental bridge is also used to test final concept of the dental bridge.

Installation of permanent ceramic dental bridge
In short Permanent dental bridge is placed in final stage of prosthetic therapy, process duration depends on previous steps, due to dental implant or natural teeth carrier, and therefore it is cemented and then becomes one with the jaw bone. Dental bridge on implants can be fixed with screws so we can remove it on the annual check-up.

gum disease -dentus perfectus

Materials for production of dental ceramic bridge

In conclusion, in Dentus Perfectus clinique we for instance use metal ceramic, zircon ceramic and e.max non-metal ceramic. In contrast to the metal ceramic that has metal construction, therefore zircon and e.max ceramic are non-metal ceramic materials. Their advantages in contrast to metal ones are optical properties that are likewise to the natural teeth. E.max is however for dental bridge that has maximal three teeth replacements. Zircon ceramics is used in bigger dental bridges. Finally, temporary dental bridges are made of Telio CAD or DMG luxatemp composite.

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