Ceramic dental crowns

Firstly, ceramic dental crowns are ideal and also fast solution to your aesthetic problems or due to severe tooth damage. In addition, modern materials enable to achieve not only high aesthetics and good chewing function, but also natural appearance.

Ceramic dental crowns and aesthetics

Firstly, above all high aesthetics are achieved due to CEREC CAD CAM technology and non-metal e.max ceramic. We use state-of-art 3D CAD CAM technology from German company Sirona because that has 30 year long tradition in making CAD CAM machines. In addition, we use ceramic materials only from renowned world known companies like  Ivoclar Vivadent and GC Europe.

Dentus perfectus - dental crowns

Firstly, we start a process of making dental crown but afterwards the problem detection. Due to RTG image that will show us teeth root condition, we determine if root needs treatment. If tooth is healthy and has no major damage, we grind it afterwards. Secondly, if that tooth doesn’t have nerve due to endodontic treatment we need to add strengthener. In other words we add composite construction after what we prepare and grind tooth. If teeth was treated previously and it is not satisfactory we will revision endodontic treatment and most importantly, cure the tooth.

Scanning and restoration
After preparation of the tooth, we above all make detailed scan with Omnicam 3D camera so we can see every detail and make jaw bone model. Therefore, in just few minutes we have new tooth (ceramic crown) that is digitally designed and in addition fits your jaw bone. Due to modern technology, time of production is reduced. Above all patient can see right away how will finished dental crown look like. Besides that, technology allows us to make ideal dental replacement with the evidently most precise modern measuring methods.

Production specifically includes process of milling and coloring teeth to get final look with the CEREC CAD CAM machine that provides above all high precision while making dental replacements, high speed of production and due to that shortened time of waiting to the patients dental crown.

Attaching of dental crown to the tooth
Finally, after verifying aesthetics and accuracy of seating measurements of dental crown we accordingly attach it with the composite cement. After that procedure is basically finished and problem that was going on is solved.

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If you have functional or aesthetic problem such as:

  • cracked tooth
  • tooth that is too damaged to get filling
  • it is weakened by caries
  • you don’t like shape and color of teeth
  • treated tooth has severe damage

As a result to your problem we suggest following ceramic crown.

In other words dental crown is basically prosthetic replacement that is permanently fixed to a broken tooth or dental implant. Above all goal is to restore function and generally improve aesthetics of damaged tooth.

Therefore at Dentus Perfectus clinique we use 3 types of dental crowns that we offer to our patients. For example, there are metal ceramic, non-metal ceramic and zircon ceramic dental crowns. Most importantly type of dental crown that we will use unquestionably depends on tooth that we repair and price of dental crown.

Metal ceramic dental crown

Firstly, metal ceramic dental crown has two parts, metal base and ceramic that is layered over metal. These crowns are evidently best choice for teeth that are positioned in the back, but also if it is possible on front teeth too.

What does that mean? Without reservation, we can use it undoubtable in front if teeth that are around one that we are working on are not too bright and their natural color is not too complicated. In other words if molding and layering can achieve color that is identical to the one on natural tooth. Due to ceramic that is on metal base, metal blocks transmission of light to the core of grinded tooth and it under those circumstances cannot reproduce natural tooth color.

Therefore, with more complicated aesthetic procedures we in this situation use non-metal ceramic dental crowns.

Non-metal dental crown advantages:

  • have been used for last 40 years in world of dentistry
  • great solidity, due to that can be used on back and front teeth successfully
  • high aesthetics
  • good positioning on the grind tooth
  • can be used if there is more teeth missing and in production of dental bridge with less teeth girders

Methods of dental crowns production

Firstly, there are two methods that are successful and in brief verified, first one involves dental laboratory and in due time making dental print. Therefore, after teeth grinding we take print in the printing mass and get teeth contours in order to make cast in dental laboratory. In conclusion with that model dental technician has teeth situation in detail and makes dental replacement based on that.

Secondly, other method is in contrast technologically superior and much more comfortable for patient. In this situation we use digital scanners after teeth grinding and that make model digitally. Based on that, 3D milling machines with the CAD CAM software produce in detail final tooth. Because all of that, this method is precise, quick and verified. In order to that we have tooth prototype in this case in less than 15 minutes and from grinding to the cementing we need just 3 to 4 hours per teeth. This method avoids laboratory and period of production is at this point shortened from 3 to 5 days to only 1 or 2 days.

In other words, classic way is by all means exhausting for patient, it involves few dental appointments and anesthetics, also uncomfortable print making with rubber materials and long period of placing.

Finally, all things considered using of CEREC CAD CAM technology at Dentus Perfectus clinique in production of dental crowns solves our patient problems in same day. However from beginning and grinding to the attaching at finish, you have new smile within 4 hours.

durability of dental implants - Dentus perfectus

Zircon ceramic dental crown

These dental crowns are made on zircon construction (poly crystalline) that replaces metal one that is used in metal ceramic dental crowns. Because of used material, these teeth look even more natural. Zircon ceramic dental crowns are above all used with dark teeth or with the dental bridges to look as natural as they could be. In contrast to metal ceramic crown is certainly better choice. Therefore they are aesthetically superior, have higher strength and due to zircon thickness there is even less grinding involved.

Previously, clay ceramic was layered on zirconia, but nowadays we use facetted and monolithic zircon ceramic construction that has lower chance of ceramic chipping.

Metal ceramic dental crown price is 1.500,00 HRK

Full non-metal ceramic dental crown price is 2.00,00 HRK

Zircon ceramic dental crown price is 2.200,00 HRK

Non-metal full ceramic dental crown

These ceramic crowns are completely made of ceramic, clay or lithium desilicated ceramic without any metal particles. Because of that they are number one when we are looking for high aesthetics. Due to material properties they fully mimic optical properties of natural teeth and therefore, it is difficult to discern them from natural teeth. As a result they are used for last 10 years.

We usually make single crowns for one tooth, ceramic shells, ceramic fillings (inlay, onlay, overlay). However, they are not suitable for dental bridges because of reduced strength. In contrast metal ceramic and zircon ceramic crowns have for instance more firmness.

Due to contexture it is fully made of ceramic and transmits light like natural tooth so we can achieve natural look and color. Opalescence, transparency and translucency are identical to those on natural teeth.

Dentus Perfectus clinique works with press and e.max ceramic from Ivoclar Vivadent  and Li Si ceramic from GC Europe manufacturer.

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