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Smile design

Smile design don’t imagine your smile, let’s make it happen!

Smile design will make you new smile that will fit you perfectly. Your smile is your above all most valuable social connection, and first impression you make on people. Secondly if you don’t like your teeth now, you don’t have to imagine your smile anymore!

Therefore come to our Dentus Perfectus clinique and in addition ask for our Smile Design – that connects most advanced, also available technologies in aesthetic and dentistry that will make your dream smile reality and moreover best of all technology allows us to show you results at the moment and individualize it just for you! Because smile is unique like you!

Have you ever?

  • hide your smile on photography?
  • avoid social situations due to lack of confidence?
  • flee meeting new people?
  • were you afraid to ask your dentist for possibilities because you were afraid of the cost?

If you answered ”yes” on any of these questions, don’t worry, you are certainly not alone!

Therefore studies have shown that more than 90% of people as a result think that first impression is very important in social life. Many of them in addition think that unattractive smile for instance hinder people in social, private and professional development.

Why would you let anything on the other hand to stop you from your full potential, bursting of self-esteem and making best first impression?

Aesthetic dentistry Dentus Perfectus

Technology development

Modern technology and development in cosmetic dentistry consequently allows you to get your ideal smile easily. In other words in safe, controlled process without painful, invasive procedures. To clarify your perfect smile it must fit you perfectly, and above all reflect your character and be a natural part of your facial expressions and also appearance.

Finally most beautiful thing in Smile Design from our Dentus Perfectus clinique is power of making your dreams come true and also help you become yourself again. We want you to feel confident, have more self-esteem and to improve your life overall.

How procedure looks?

Firstly, it consists few simple steps but it starts with your decision that you want change your life. At your first appointment for instance, we make precise analysis of your dental situation. We will also take photographs in addition of your current smile and with above all modern technology based on them we can get all needed informations. As a result we will get final suggestions of your new smile to see and determine what you would like to possibly change before and procedure on your teeth. Smile Design will show you results in advance to see your new smile at the moment.

At Dentus Perfectus clinique we pay a lot of attention to the overall aesthetics of your face, above all to make you look your best. We really appreciate your opinions and also wishes in terms of color and size of teeth. We can make 3D plastic model so show you final result.

Smile Design is not risk, it is your dream come true and you are included in every step of the way to make it perfect!

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