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New patients

New patients will feel like they were here before!

New patients will be greeted by our Vedran Šebečić and our always smiling dental assistant Ana Marija Kelečić. Therefore many years of knowledge and experience are constantly being upgraded with congresses, seminars, workshops and also educations that doctors are constantly following through. They do that in order to provide patients with most modern, high-quality and above all painless solutions in healthy and aesthetically pleasing

Therefore, an expert team from Dentus Perfectus dental office will certainly at any time answer to all your questions. Finally if you have any doubts or you are not sure what should you do, feel free to contact us and we can arrange you consultations.

Why our patients love us?

Because individualized approach with discretion in addition will build trust in doctor patient relationship. Consultation and in addition questions we go through with you will help us to better understand you and especially find out your wishes, personality and provide you best care indeed.

Svakog svog pacijenta gledamo kao člana naše obitelji. Upravo zato, pružamo Vam samo najkvalitetnija rješenja imajući uvijek u vidu konačni cilj – Vaše zadovoljstvo. Želimo da svoj osmijeh nosite svakog trenutka od kad izađete iz naše ordinacije.

You need to be respectful and smart when your body and your health are in question. Call us and additionally made appointment and at the consultation we will listen to your wishes, also determine your needs and find best possible solution for your problems. Therefore we will show you options that are suitable for you to pick one that matches your wishes.

What to expect when you come first time?

Consultations are very important to us. In every appointment we always calculate enough time to have a talk with you about your problem. Therefore if you doubt on something just tell us and we will help you to decide what is overall the best solution for you whether in health, aesthetics or price range. However we want you to be the best version of yourself!

We think ahead and want to make your first appointment simple and accessible as it could be:

  • Online forms that you can fill in advance to save time in orffice for consults.
  • Welcome package that allows you to have first appointment and consultation half price. That also includes orthopantomogram image of all teeth so we can see full condition.
  • Work hours are absolutely adaptable to your obligations so you will not have to wait long for you appointment. Call us right now and book the date!
  • With filled forms you can make reservation at this moment and give yourself biggest gift that is care for your health and your smile!
  • Online forms
  • Finally, with our downloadable and also printable forms you can fill them at home and bring them with you on first appointment at the clinique. Just download them and that is first step on way to sparkly smile of your dreams!
Dentus perfectus - dental examination - new patients

Online forms

With our online forms you are able to download your new patient forms so that you can fill them out in the comfort of your own home and hand them over to us the first time you come to our office. Just click the button below to get started.

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