Dentus perfectus - what is all on 6?

All on 6

All on 6 is revolutionary prosthetic surgery. This dental technique is mounting dental bridge on just 6 dental implants. Usually, in the morning we perform surgery series of placing dental implants. And very soon the patient will have temporary dental bridge placed.

What all on 6 includes?

All on 6 dental implants is just an variation to All on 4 technique. Similarly to the placement of 4 implants, with this technique the patient has 6 implants placed. 6 implants are placed where jaw bone is most voluminous.

Usually, one dental implant changes one tooth. But in all 6 dental implant technique, implants change all teeth. It is possible to install two dental implants in sinus area if you don’t have jaw bone volume. But if you don’t need intervention in sinus area or would like to avoid it, all on 4 is then a better choice for the patient.

When to do all on 6 dental implants?

Primary it is best choice for patients that wear mobile dentures. Also, it is great for ones that have problems with gum irritation, chewing problems and speech. Dental implanting gives back confidence. Moreover, you will have no dental problems anymore. Another advantage is aesthetic result. Dental bridge mimics natural teeth in their function and aesthetics. Implants are placed in most voluminous part of the jaw bone. Because of that bone is kept from resorption. In all on 6 dental implant installation we use Nobel Biocare and Neodent by Straumann implants.

Dentus perfectus - all on 6 - installation stages

Dental implants procedure duration

Finally, all implants are installed at once. In 24 hours you get dental implants and temporary dental bridge so you can smile again within a day.

Sometimes, due to jaw bone there are extra procedures on posterior region in upper jaw. In that case we have to raise maxillary sinus. It is called sinus lift. Because, the bone volume in posterior parts only gets thinner over the years. With the sinus lift mucous membrane and by adding an artificial bone we get enough jaw bone volume. This helps us to place the dental implants in the jaw bone. Besides, this is optional and just for patients without jaw bone volume. There is also an alternative and that is all on 4 dental implants technique.

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