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Dental flakes (veneers)

Perfect smile, just like you deserve it!

Firstly, dental veneers are perfect solution to transform your smile and your look. Therefore we make custom veneers to make your significant smile and to shape your facial aesthetics. We basically follow your wishes and with our knowledge and modern technology will make most perfect smile in detail. Above all we can personalize length, height, color or tone of dental veneer. In other words we will adjust aesthetical parameters to your face shape so you get your perfect teeth to match your face lines and characteristics. Furthermore dental veneers perfectly then mimic natural beauty of teeth.

Why patients love our Dentus Perfectus dental veneers?

Firstly, dental veneers are thin layers of ceramic that basically cover front of the tooth and change its shape, size but also color of the natural tooth. Dental veneers are not only aesthetical part of dental care, they have also functional part. Due to that they prevent damage of the natural teeth. Veneers don’t change color because surface is smooth as glass.

Production of the dental veneers lasts 7 to 10 work days.

Meanwhile in process between teeth grinding and cementing of finished dental veneers, however natural teeth can react on warm and cold. Therefore, that is normal and happens due to removed enamel surface layer. Once when teeth are cemented problems disappear.

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Dental veneers are used in next cases:

  • teeth that have changed natural color – due to root treatment, tetracycline stains or other medications, excessive fluoride or other causes, such as large amount of composite that can change tooth color
  • teeth that are worn out
  • tooth that is damaged or broken
  • natural teeth that are uneven, rugged or in irregular shape
  • if you have space between teeth
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Process of making tooth flakes

In the beginning this process is short and noninvasive, and as a result of that process is painless. We firstly grind small surface of your natural tooth and set temporary veneer while your permanent one is finished, about 7 to 10 days. In this procedure we use teeth print and further send it to dental laboratory. Even when permanent dental veneers are finished we can do additional changes. Firstly, we will put permanent veneers just to see if they fit all your needs, when you are sure and approve them we cement it permanently.

Secondly, other option is also shorter one, when we make flake with the digital CAD CAM technology they are due to that finished in day or two. In our Dentus Perfectus clinique we use in the first place modern technology to make dental veneers and all other dental replacements in short period of time. In addition we show you digital shape of veneer and when you approve it goes to production.

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Therefore, dental veneers are in essence important part of cosmetic dentistry nowadays. Due to their properties they are alternative to dental crowns. For instance dentist can make only one or more veneers due to needs, if some teeth darkened, fractured or you want full makeover.

Moreover, we use dental flakes when we want to change shape, size, position or color of the natural teeth. In addition, with them we can correct some orthodontic anomalies or change old composite fillings.

Therefore, they are fully resistant to coloring from the coffee, tea and cigarettes. We can certainly use them as alternative to the orthodontic therapy and long period of wearing fixed braces when teeth are not placed correctly or they have spacing between them.

Planning of the dental flakes production and consultations with the dentist

Firstly, to determine if you are candidate for this procedure we will consequently schedule preliminary consultations to check your oral health and to show you in addition all possibilities that fits your needs.

If we after that determine that this process is for you, due to that secondly we need to make detailed check up to clarify situation and go through all details of process and prepare teeth for dental veneers installation. We need to determine size, shape and color of dental veneer and also other teeth to make it fits perfectly. It is above all very important that you say to us your needs and wishes to make your dream smile.

Therefore, dental veneers are tool that can all in all change shape, size, placement and color of your natural teeth and reshape orthodontic irregularities or also replace old ones.

Dentus Perfectus dental veneer price is 400€

Dental veneers benefits:

  • minimal teeth grinding reduction – about 0,3 to 1,0 mm, that is much less that with grinding due to dental crown needs
  • natural look – porcelain imitates natural enamel look, reflects light in the same way
  • due to their look they enhances appearance of dark teeth
  • they don’t get darker – due to surface that is smooth as glass
  • gums stay healthy
Dentus perfectus - planning to make dental veneers

Maintenance of dental veneers

In summary brush your teeth and use dental floss in the usual way. As a result of the amount of grinding and enamel removal due to cementing veneers on your teeth you can feel some changes. As a result you might become sensitive to the warm and cold, that is absolutely normal and will disappear after one or two weeks.

At least if you grit or have bruxism, you need to tell us that. Due to dental condition we will make you night guard or splint to reduce strain while you sleep. About a week from installing, you will have another checkup at clinique. Then we will evaluate placement of your dental flakes, see how your gums and other teeth respond to it and answer to any questions for you.

Dental veneers FAQ

What are dental veneers?

Dental veneers (flakes) are thin (0.3 to 1.0 mm) shells made of glass ceramic. Due to their look they are great material for minimal invasive dental procedures and they change existing teeth appearance.

How long dental flakes last?

They last usually from 7 to 10 years, but that depends on a lot of factors. such as eating and your oral hygiene habits.

Who is candidate for dental veneers?

Firstly, if you have darkened or broken teeth or you don’t love the look of your teeth you are candidate for smile makeover.

What dental veneers can’t do - hide large caries

IMPORTANT: if you grind or have bruxism you can get flakes but we need to make you splint.

Can dental veneers darken due to coffee, tea and red wine?

Dental veneers can get darken due to ceramic that has stable and permanent color.

How to clean dental veneers?

Use your brush and dental floss like with your natural teeth. Also, use mouthwash regularly.

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