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Sinus lift procedure

Sinus lift procedure is operation that compensates loss of the bone in the upper jaw at area of molars and premolars. In other words, we are adding artificial bone in place between bone and sinus. In order to make space for artificial bone, we need to raise lower part of sinus. As a result we get more bone volume for implantation.

When we do sinus lift procedure?

In conclusion, we do sinus lift procedure when in the jaw bone is not enough bone volume to place dental implant in, or on the other hand when sinuses are too close to area where we want to position dental implants.

Reasons why this happened:

  • if patient lost tooth in upper jaw so remaining jaw bone is insufficient to place dental implants. Due to anatomy, back of upper jaw has smaller bone volume than lower jaw bone.
  • Periodontal disease can lead to bone loss.
  • Losing teeth gets as a result losing bone volume. Bone starts to dissolve when tooth is removed. Therefore, few years later, jaw bone doesn’t have enough volume for dental implants.
  • Position of maxillary sinus can be too close to the jaw bone.

Sinus lift procedure

Firstly, to clarify procedure itself is painless, and we do it under local anesthesia. During the process we lift bottom of sinus and make space so we fill it with bone replacement to make extra jaw bone volume as a result. Secondly, there is a period of 6 – 9 months, when bone volume is produced. Due to that, in the end we have bone volume that is good for implantation.

To clarify, if we have jaw bone volume that is enough at the beginning, we can install dental implants together with artificial bone during sinus lift.

At the end, it is possible that slight swelling will occur as well as nose bleed. Don’t inflate nose because of bone movement that might happen. Therefore take analgesics and antibiotics and do oral cavity hygiene with mouthwash. In conclusion, due to this procedure most of our patients feel just a little discomfort and strange feeling.

Potential risks

Main risk during the sinus lift procedure is possible perforation of the sinus membrane that can happen. If the membrane is perforated, we need to wait until it completely heals, for couple of months. Therefore, healed membrane is thicker and stronger and due to that procedure can be performed.

In addition, alternative to sinus lift is All on 4 dental implanting that avoids areas with low bone volume, also process itself is much faster.

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