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Teeth sanding and teeth calculus

Small but significant step in maintaining health and beauty of your teeth!

Firstly, you have noticed changes on teeth for instance in shape of dark or yellowish spots and can’t brush off?

You probably have calculus on your teeth, therefore you don’t have to worry we have above all successful solution and tips how to slow its formation.

Firstly, calculus is natural phenomenon that is product of dental plaque therefore a result due to mixing proteins and food nus products. In addition everybody has teeth calculus; you just need to brush your teeth secondly go on your check-ups regularly. In that way although you cannot avoid it, you can slower it down and reduce it.

However, if you neglect teeth calculus as a result he can lead to inflammation of the gums and it will become swollen, red and painful and above all you can get periodontal disease. Above all most common result is caries formation. Therefore, don’t wait when you spot teeth calculus because if we react on time we will subsequently prevent more severe conditions that are dangerous for your teeth.

In addition to the calculus removal, after that we polish your teeth so their surface become smooth and therefore less susceptible to the calculus formation. With good hygiene and regular check-ups at dentist and removal of calculus when we see it we can get it under control and affect on its formation speed. Finally, in that way we will successfully prevent periodontal diseases and maintain your bright smile.

Teeth sanding

Firstly, teeth sandblasting is a method of professional cleaning of the surface dental build-ons (plaque and pigmentation) with high pressure water squirt and also powder. Powder contains fine particles of calcium carbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate, in addition it is available in different flavors. In other words powder particles are round shaped, in size of 60-70 microns. As a result, that geometrical shape enables high kinetic energy in contact with teeth surface. Finally, as a result of that this process is fast and efficient in removal of all soft and hard plaque on teeth surface.

Moreover teeth sandblasting refers for instance to removal of all yellow and dark spots on teeth as a result of cigarettes, coffee, tea and other colored beverages. Consequently they leave spots for long and therefore darken your teeth. Sanding is done with calculus cleaning and you need to do that in addition twice a year. Sanding of the teeth takes about 15 minutes, it is noninvasive, safe and completely painless.

In addition before sandblasting we need to clean hard calculus layers. Professional cleaning leaves your teeth with smooth and sparkly surfaces that are in addition more resistant to calculus build-on. Above all, this process is safe and due to that does not damage your teeth and you can do it few times a year due to your tendency to pigmentation and calculus making. We recommend however doing it 2 – 3 times a year.

Dentus Perfectus clinique is specially recommending it to smokers and patients that love coffee, tea or colored drinks (red wine, blueberrie juice…) Sanding is also a part of teeth whitening process.

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What is calculus made of?

Teeth calculus contains large amount of bacteria that consequently produces acids, which disrupts tooth enamel structure (appearance of white lines or freckles on joint of teeth and gums) and can also lead to caries. Over time it will lead to inflammation of gums, that will become swollen, red and painful. Firstly, your gums start to bleed due to calculus buil-on. Gums inflammation is called gingivitis. If we don’t remove calculus at this stage it will go deep to the jaw bone where it will dissolve and pull soft tissue so your teeth will look longer. Due to that your teeth will start to nod, this inflammation as a result affects the gums and it is called periodontitis.

Therefore, we can remove teeth calculus with the ultrasound machine and it is in addition most effective way that is painless. In addition if necessary we can use so called scraper tools to remove calculus and plaque. If patient has for instance periodontitis, dentist needs to do scraping and also polishing teeth root (curettage) by hand and with ultrasound machine. Patient can get anesthesia and due to it, it will be painless. We recommend doing it 2 to 3 times a year.

In our Dentus Perfectus clinique we use ultrasound and sonic machines (KaVo SONICflex 2008L and KaVo PIEZOlux) and in addition scrapers. Finally after this we polish all teeth with professional paste. Procedure lasts from 20 to 40 minutes.

Dentus Perfectus teeth calculus removal with sanding and also polishing price is 55€.

Recommendations for keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy

  1. Clean your teeth 2-3 times a day for 2-3 minutes, also wash your teeth for 30 seconds 2 times a day wont remove plaque and prevent calculus formation.
  2. Use medium hard tooth brushes with small head so you can reach all places in your mouth. Above all electirc tooth brushes are more efficient in cleaning tooth plaque that regular ones. In our Dentus Perfectus clinique we recommend Megasonex ultrasound electric tooth brush.
  3. Once a day clean interdental place with floss or interdental brush, oral shower. That is only way to properly clean space between teeth.
  4. For 1 minute a day use mouthwash that does not contain alcohol
  5. 2 – 3 times a year go to professional cleaning in clinique and also regular check-up.
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