Vedran Šebečić
dr. med. dent.


Mr.sc. Ozren-Mika Krznarić


Ana Marija Kelečić
dent. asistent

Friendly and smiling, dedicated and professional, above all caring

Dentus perfectus - Ozren Mika Krznarić

Mr.sc. Ozren-Mika Krznarić


Master of Science Ozren-Mika Krznarić Doctor of dental medicine.

Firstly there was one patient it trouble, and also one dentist super hero named Ozren that come to the rescue, and in addition the rest is history…

At the end moreover, Ozren and Vedran from our story opened Dentus Perfectus office together previously in 2014. Above all Ozren has years of practice and also thousands of smiley patients behind him. In other words he is most famous due to his professional approach and also growing knowledge. Also his dedication is seen in addition in his communication with patients and calmness that he spreads on them eventually.

Finally Ozren is basically in constant chase for knowledge, advanced ways of treatments and modern technology. He will also do anything to make you smile again.

”Things that you want and what I want can sometimes be different, and it is fine. However my mission is to get to know you to offer you best possible solution that will also match your wishes, needs and possibilities.”

Professional card

  • Graduate and also postgraduate studies at School of dental medicine at University of Zagreb. Than promoted to Master of biomedical sciences at dentistry field.
  • Attended and completed various trainings. List of national and international congresses:
    • 2016 – “Esthetic`s in today economic climate when treating fully edentulous patients: The wonderbridge approach” Zagreb, Croatia
    • 2015 – “3D CT Diagnosis and Patient Communication: Nobel Clinicain in practice” Opatija, Croatia
    • 2015 – “CEREC Masterkurs” Munchen, Germany
    • 2014 – “Abutments, Teleskope und Stege” Bensheim, Germany
    • 2012 – ” What after implants” – Zagreb, Croatia
    • 2008 – “Contemporary procedures in esthetic dentistry – work course for inlay-overlay and vestibular preparation”
    • 2008 – “Paedriatric Dentistry” – Dubrovnik, Croatia
    • 2010 – ” New possibilites of instrumental functional analysis by the use of electric registration system “Digma 2″ for the production of sophisticated prostheses” – Zagreb, Croatia
Dentus perfectus - zubna ordinacija - certifikati Ozren Mika Krznarić

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Dentus perfectus - Vedran Šebečić - zubna ordinacija

Vedran Šebečić

dr. med. dent.

What you dreamed that you will be when you grow up? Our dentist Vedran firstly dreamed of becoming a dentist! Are you one of those that close your eyes at dentists? Our Vedran above all wasn’t one of those children. However he was the curious one at the dentist’s office! He promised to himself that he will be dentist that people would in addition love to go to!

Doctor Vedran works in Dentus Perfectus office but also at North Health center in Zaprešić that inspired him to open one in Zagreb.

Main goal that evidently drives him is how to make every appointment as comfortable as it could be and furthermore less invasive. Above all he spends a lot of time learning and consequently educating himself all around the world. In order to keep his knowledge and also used technology in clinique up to date.

”I believe that every person deserves best dental care and it is our mission to provide it to you, in accessible, individualized and non-invasive way.”

Professional card

  • DHe Graduated at School of dental medicine at University of Zagreb where he was demonstrator in preclinical prosthetic practicing, and then that already become one of his areas of special interest.
  • Attended and completed various trainings at national and international congresses:
    • 2020 – “Veeners A-Z”, Opatija, Croatia
    • 2019 – “Complex Rehabilitation Planning” – Belgrade, Serbia
    • 2018 – “Komet endodontic instruments application” Lemgo, Germany
    • 2018 – “Osseodensification, soft tissue managment” Škofja Loka, Slovenia
    • 2017 – “Heart of Esthetics” 14th ESCD Annual Meeting Zagreb” – Zagreb, Croatia
    • 2017 – “Partial extraction therapy” Hands on Ljubljana” – Ljubljana, Slovenia
    • 2017 – “Neodent Symposium Miami Challenging the status quo” – Miami, SAD
    • 2016 – “ALL ON 4 course with Nobel Biocare Opatija” – Opatija, Croatia
    • 2015 – “Perioimplant ALL ON 4 CONCEPT: practice and experience of doctors ” Opatija, Croatia
    • 2015 – ” AlphaBio Technology Regional Symposium Budapest” – Budimpešta, Hungary
    • 2014 – “Artex Model Management AmannGirrbach training  ” Zagreb, Croatia
    • 2014 -“Surgical prosthetic course in Implantology with Nobel Biocare system Opatija” – Opatija, Croatia
    • 2013 – “Implantology prosthetic symposium Innovation in aesthetic Implantology Opatija” – Opatija, Croatia
    • 2013 – “Dentistry – contemporary practice” Professor Doctor Ivica Anić – Zagreb, Croatia
    • 2012 – “Quintessence international kongres” – Zagreb, Croatia
Dentus perfectus - zubna ordinacija - certifikati Vedran Šebečić

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Dentus perfecus - zubna ordinacija - uvijek spremni za dobru šalu

Ana Marija Kelečić

dent. asistent

First impression is the most important one, right? Well, you will fall in love at first sight at Dentus Perfectus clinique because of Ana Marija! Above all she is our voice and also our smile that will great you on the phone and at our reception. You either love or hate assistant that waits for you at the door, but we promise you, this will be love at first sight!

Behind every successful man is a woman, due to that behind our doctors is Ana Maria and she is therefore a key of their success. In addition she is logistics, organization and also operative part of our team. She will be besides you every step of the way in our Dentus Perfectus clinique.

Ana Maria finished high school for dental assistant because of her constant wish to help others and fixing smiles is in addition best job of all. She is above all lot of the time in search of new methods and educations to improve consequently!

”Did you know that smile is universal language that everybody on the world understands. Besides that, smile improves your mood, boosts your immunity and also relieves you of stress. To laugh, you need to be satisfied with your smile because that affects your confidence. Your smile is above all our main goal.”

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Dentus perfectus - zubna ordinacija

Dentus Perfectus office – dental ordination

Our Dentus Perfectus office is in Zagreb however 10 minutes from center. Transportation available tramway and Taxi service.

Our doctors Ozren and Vedran are above all dentistry nerds and they are not ashamed due to it! Moreover their passion of technology and innovations will in addition provide you best service with in addition high quality materials to give you best possible dental care.

Moreover in Dentus Perfectus office we have in addition two dental ordinations. Office has its own X-ray studio for digital dental images so you can do everything needed at one place due to your individual needs. Besides that due to modern technology and to keep patients above all safe we use latest digital ways of diagnostics with in addition CEREC CAD CAM technology. Due to CEREC CAD CAM we have consequently precise technology for making dental replacements, laser technology for painless treatments and for instance early detection of caries. We are always in search of new ways to improve our knowledge and also technology whenever at clinique.

Specifics of Dentus Perfectus

  • Complete care at one place – firstly from dental implants to wisdom teeth extraction, teeth whitening or calculus removal, teeth screening and finally check-ups. Therefore we will wait for you with smile!
  • One day solutions – innovative technology and also knowledge of our doctors makes it possible to consequently do some of procedures in just one day.
  • Technology at fingertip – due to our 3D jaw bone images we can determine precise results for complicated cases therefore like dental implants.
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